A fresh Czechoslovak group known as Ripple (PmdR & Spill) has been operating since the beginning of 2018. PmdR has years of experience on both sides of the music industry both as a promoter and DJ. Spill, in turn, has steadily built invaluable skills in music production over the years . At the end of the productive year 2017, they decided to combine their talents and acquired skills under one harmonious name. For their fuging, either as a whole or individually, you could see them at all the leading festivals as Let It Roll, Imagination, Exploration or Trident. Their music has made its way across borders not only through productions signed to foreign labels, but also physically at events in France, Germany, Austria and Croatia. Their debut double single was released on England's Skankandbass and they currently have an EP out on Belgium's Space Pirate Recordings.


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