Meatball DJ Room

The perfect space for DJs - both advanced and beginners. It is technically covered by top of the range Pioneer players, which are the standard in both clubs and festivals. It is soundproofed with high quality 120W speakers and a massive subwoofer.

It is soundproofed, so it is available from morning to evening, with no sound restrictions. Located in an accessible location and with private parking at Prievozská 18. It is part of the Mäsokombinát brand offices, where there is also a showroom with clothing.

Beginners are offered 3-hour lessons with a mentor.

Our mission is to support the electronic music community, especially in the DJing field, and to offer both aspiring and established DJs a place to train and record on the latest equipment currently available.

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Meatball DJ Room

Do you already know why to us?

Professional technique

Playing and training on the latest Pioneer Nexus 2 players or Technics vinyl/timecode turntables (Serato, Traktor).

  • 4x Pioneer CDJ2000NXS2
  • 1x Rane SL2
  • 1x Pioneer DJM900NXS2
  • 2x Technics SL1210MK2

Accessible location

At the address of the former Dopler and the current Edison Park, there is a building in which the 4. upstairs is our DJ Room. You can get to Prievozská 18 street in Bratislava using a number of public transport connections - Prievozská stop, or you can park directly under the entrance to the building, which is located near the Hanoi Garden restaurant.

The location at the intersection of Prievozská and Bajkalská is also ideal due to its proximity to the top Indian restaurant in Bratislava Punjabi Dhaba and the Mlyn restaurant where they will also serve you a chilled Pilsner. So you won't go hungry or thirsty.

Relaxed atmosphere

A friendly approach is our priority, after all, you know us from events. We can provide everything from recording audio sets to video sets with post-production. Feel free to blast it to your heart's content, the room is soundproofed.

You can come to our hour-long hotel anytime to enjoy a drink, check out the merch in the Mäsokombinát office or to get a glimpse into the background of the preparation of the most successful events in Bratislava at the moment.

Ideal also for amateurs

We were all starting out. That's why even if you don't have experience with DJ equipment but would like to learn how to play, our tutors are here for you.

Just arrange DJing lessons in advance and we'll definitely give you a helping hand. All you need to prepare is a playlist of songs on a USB.

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Meatball DJ Room

Podcast & voiceover studio rental

Podcast studio at the best price

Did you know we have a podcast studio? Click on the button below to get all the info and you can book your recording straight away.

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How can I use it?

You can use our studio to create a complete podcast without the need for additional editing. If you want to voiceover a video, game, audiobook or any spoken word audio, we're here for you!

  • 1000 -2000
  • 1000 - 1700
  • By arrangement