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23. November 2022
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21. July 2023
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Inkwall – Against The Wall


Pre-order a vinyl record. Shipped 6.1.2023

1/ Sunflower
2/ All Night
3/ Echoes (feat. Domi)
4/ Shades Of Dark Soul
5/ Against The Wall
6/ Odyssey N.7
7/ No Time For Sorrow (feat. Jake Hood, Asai)
8/ The End (feat. Domi)

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The Against The Wall album will take you through a unique musical experience inspired by the 90s rave era and its life, but it will also visit local English clubs and the colourful streets of Paris. Concluding the first decade of the Inkwall project, it is also the most elaborate feeling that is exclusively composed on analogue synthesizers. Its eclecticism describes the diversity of life and emotions, crosses genre boundaries and unites electronic music into one whole. It pulls you in with its dark and precise atmosphere, which is complemented by the vocals, you can even hear the vocals of Inkwall himself for the first time in the pilot single. Elaborate melodies capture unique emotions and each track captures a different life moment, creating an instrumental personal confession of the artist. It is the electronic synthesis that gives this piece the right atmosphere.

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