It was 2010 when Nine Yards showed him the magic of djing and in conjunction with drum&bass, which he discovered thanks to Al Loudvoic (aka Anonymous), he started spinning at home first tracks on turntables. On the day when the time was "right", he spoke at his first event under the pseudonym ASS. Until April 2016, he played countless events and festivals under this name all over Slovakia and part of the neighbouring Czech Republic (Beats4Love, Uprising, NattyYouth parties). He belongs to the Bratislava reggae/dub/jungle/drumnbass group Natty Youth Sound. He is credited with events and tours as Gleb's dj (ILPP/FCKThem). Since April 2016 he belongs to the Bratislava crew Mäsokombinát and on this occasion he switched to the pseudonym Ess, under which he can be found mainly at Drum'n'brainz, Mäsokombinajt and Wasted events. He prefers the technique of playing through turntables, but first and foremost he always tries to bring fresh, but most importantly uncatalogued drum&bass sets.


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