Can't concentrate on work at home? You're tired of sitting in a café all day?


We're saving you a seat! In the new Mäsokombinát coworking space you can have your own desk and work even 27/9.

Meat processing plant



You will have a fixed place with your own table and quality chair

You can use the meeting room for meetings or galas

Why us?

Get ready for a relaxed marketing and events team and a large terrace from which you can watch the sunsets (#sunsetvibes)

There is a shower room where you can take a shower at any time and a regular supply of coffee is provided by Goriffee

Prievozská 18

Great location for bike, car or public transport - Prievozská stop

Possibility to rent your own parking space directly at the entrance to the building

Something extra

The membership price includes 1 hour in the Meatpacking DJ Room, podcast studio or studio. Which one you choose is up to you.

Meat processing plant